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Penny Gemensky
Penny Gemensky is a sophomore who is a second year newspaper staffer.

"I wanted to be on the newspaper staff because of the people in the class."

Penny is involved in soccer, basketball, and track.

"I think it's important for students to take classes that they want, and to have fun but still make sure to get your work done.  It's also very important to find a teacher you can trust."

Penny plans on attending the Police Academy to work as a K-9 Officer after high school.

"My greatest accomplishment so far was completing my freshman year of high school. I played three different sports, lettered in two of them.  I also completed all of my classes and got pretty good grades. Most people say the adjustment to high school can be difficult, but I'm excited to see where the next few years take me."

Penny Gemensky, Student Staffer

Feb 27, 2019
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