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Online Health Or Not?

Penny Gemensky, Student Staffer

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Should you take health class online?

High schools traditionally acknowledge the West Virginia virtual school. If you’re looking to open up your schedule (and already took summer gym) have you ever thought about online health. In order to get signed up for it you have to have a good GPA, and you need to talk to your principal about summer gym. I talked to Mrs. Dantrassy the assistant principal at JMHS, and she said “I think it really depends on the individual student to fit these completer programs.” (Summer gym is not a completer program.) For online health there are around 200 assignments that you have to complete on your own in order to pass the online class.

In regular health class you can talk to the teacher in person, but with health online you have to email the teacher instead of human interaction. For some people it can be hard because sometimes you don’t know how to word the question, but the teacher still understands what your saying. It’s like when your trying to ask a question but not knowing how to put it in perspective. With online health it can also be harder for the teacher to answer your question in a way so you can understand it. Also with taking the actual class you can work in groups and talk to other students about it to understand more. But taking the class online will be harder than normal because doing all the work yourself with only the teacher’s help by email.

What about your grade? Your school councilor can get your grades from your teacher, or you can login and go to your grades. Once you finish the program the instructor will send your grades to your school councilor, and then she or he can transcript it.


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Penny Gemensky, Student Staffer

Penny Gemensky is a sophomore who is a second year newspaper staffer.

"I wanted to be on the newspaper staff because of the people in the class."


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