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3 Vacationing Hacks

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The Beach

All over the internet, you can find about any travel hack need but do they actually work? I decided while I was on vacation through September 10th that I would test a few of them. Only three made the cut out of five. This first hack came in handy in about in the middle of my week long trip to the beach. My friend and I had been walking down the coast when we realized that we adventured to far too go home and eat. We both left our wallets at the beach house and had no change in our pockets, that’s when I remembered: my chapstick! I know what you are thinking- why chapstick? The day before, I saw this simple hack to hide money in case of emergencies. You take an empty or close to empty chapstick tube and wash it thoroughly. Then you roll up the desired amount of money (I used a twenty) and slide it in. It hides you’re money and you’re pretty prepared for any hunger or shopping emergency. Have you ever misplaced your wallet? This is where the next hack comes into play.

The materials you need are a hook clip and a small purse wallet. I have a pretty bad habit of misplacing my stuff and it also potential stops stealing. Just attach the hook clip the belt loop closer to your front pockets and attach the small purse wallet to that. You can carry the bare essentials of your wallet.

The last hack of the day is sun burn relief. Sunburns are a common thing when traveling. What you need for this hack is Aloe Vera gel, ice cube tray and a freezer. Take the aloe gel and spread it evenly in the cube tray. Freeze for two hours and you have a frozen remedy for sunburns. If you do not have access to a freezer but you do have a cooler. Take the aloe bottle and place it in there for a similar affect. When you travel, always be sure to have everything you need. These hacks could be very useful to you and members of you traveling party.


Day 1

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