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Study Tips

Madi Lancaster, Student Staffer

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High school is a bundle of stress, and everyone’s biggest high school nightmare is tests.

Studying can be very hard to if you have no one to help you out. Sometimes people need change and something fun to remember something, so studying is the best way to pass.

  • Find a quiet place to clear your thoughts.
  • Use FLASHCARDS!!! They are one of the best study tricks.
  • Be organized- clean your desk area, backpack, and room.
  • Take notes with different colored pens.
  • Have your parent or guardian quiz you.
  • Make a study group with your friends, but stay on task.
  • Do NOT procrastinate.
  • Listen to non-lyrical music.
  • Drink tea as you study.
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Madi Lancaster, Student Staffer

Madi Lancaster is a sophomore who is a second year newspaper staffer.

"I joined newspaper to write, take pictures, and to ultimately be more active...

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