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High School in a Nut Shell

Madison Lancaster, Student Staffer

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Lets face it, high school is stressful. Transitioning from middle school to high school is a big change. More responsibilities, higher expectations, larger populations, but more opportunities. Instead of just going with your friends to the Friday nigh football games, we participate in the Student Section. Students have multiple choices for lunch everyday. Peer pressure is inevitable in high school, but what matters is the choices you make.

At John Marshall High School, the administration thought that it would be wiser to ease the freshmen into high school rather than just making them absolutely stressed out about a new place with hundreds of new people. Freshman Academy was the administration’s possible solution to the problem. The freshmen had multiple opportunities to get to tour the high school and meet their new peers. The Freshman Luau was the ultimate tour and meeting. Thanks to Freshman Mentors, freshmen get all the help they want. With Freshmen Academy, the administration hopes for less stress among students and passing grades.

As a freshman, I thought that the transitioning from middle school was exciting. Thanks to Freshman Academy, I was better prepared for high school. My favorite things about John Marshall are the football games, clubs, and classes.

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