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Breanna O'Bright

Breanna O'Bright

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Mrs. Loughman and Mrs. Bushovisky are the co-coordinators of the blood drive here at John Marshall. Mrs. Loughman wanted to “give back,” and bring awareness to the local community.

They started after Mrs. Loughman’s son was born. She was personally required for an emergency blood transfusion. At that time she became aware of the situation of an overwhelming need for blood donations.

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There is currently no widely available substitute for human blood. It is estimated that only 38% of the population is eligible to donate blood and less than ten percent of those that are eligible actually donate.””

— Mrs. Loughman

The blood drive happens three times a year. The first one was September 5th, 2017 in memory of Abby Frohnapfel. The next two are November 13th, 2017, (fall drive) and March 19th, 2018 (spring drive). In order to give blood you must be 16 years of age. A minimum weigh or 110 pounds, and have parental permission.

Mrs. Loughman used to run the Blood Drive Club through the American Red Cross before they switched to the Central Blood Bank in 2013-14. Last year they collected 353 units of blood and raised 6,000 dollars in scholarship money for the senior blood drive officers. It was the most scholarship money earned in John Marshall history though the blood drives.  In 2016-2017 JM donated the largest amount of blood to the Central Blood Bank in the last 17 years.

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