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Christmas Traditions

Madi Lancaster, Student Staffer

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It’s finally December, which means people can actually put up their Christmas decorations and listen to Christmas music without being shamed. People look forward to this time of year for many things. Some people count down the days until Christmas starting on December 26 because they love the season so much. Most people like doing festive activities that come with the season, such as going ice skating, going sledding on mountains of snow, or just warming up to the fire with some hot cocoa while watching Christmas movies.

“My family and I always got to pick one present to open on the 23, open presents from my parents on the 24, and open presents from Santa on the 25.” Mr. Noble said.

“On Christmas Eve, we go to my mom’s house and all of my family is there.” Mrs. Clark said. “We all eat pizza and snacks, and we trade gifts.” Mrs. Clark said.

“My favorite family tradition is when my entire extended family, all sixty of us, get together at the community in my hometown.” Mrs. Bramer said. “It’s great to see all of my family, to see how the babies have grown, and to stuff ourselves silly with food better than Thanksgiving dinner.” Mrs. Bramer said.

Some people treasure family traditions more than other traditions, whereas some people like festive decorations.

Mr. Scherrick says that his favorite tradition is Christmas lights. Mr. Salkovick’s favorite tradition is decorating the tree with different ornaments. Ms. Kastrevec’s favorite Christmas tradition is making cookies and decorating the tree.

Christmas traditions are something that means a great deal to someone, something they wouldn’t know what Christmas was without it.

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Madi Lancaster, Student Staffer

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