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Asha Crow, Student Staffer

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During Christmas most families get together and celebrate. When you are all together you might get bored; so why not play some games? Two games I like to play are poke-a-tree and indoor snowball fight.  

 When you play poke-a-tree you might want to find a game to play and make this a fun way to get your prize. This would be good for bingo when you win you can go up and get your prize. To get your prize all you have to do is poke your finger through the tissue paper to get your prize. To make the poke-a-tree you will need tissue paper (red and green), red and green paper cups, prizes, a glue gun, and rubber bands (red and green). To make it you cut the tissue paper into circles and put them on the cups, put the rubber band around it. Then you glue the cups in a tree shape. 

 Indoor snowball fights are my favorite. I like helping the little kids. You can pick team or make it a free for all. You can also make forts so you can hide and throw at the same time. Making the snowballs are so easy, so it is quick to make them. All you need are white pompoms, and hot glue gun. Glue the pompoms together and TADA you got a snowball. Now you can start a snowball war.  

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Asha Crow, Student Staffer

I am a Junior at John Marshall. I like to eat, sleep, listen to music, and color. I do not play any sports. My favorite color is teal.

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