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Is your Relationship Toxic?

Zoe Berisford, Student Staffer

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In high school, and after, it’s hard to identify if your relationship is toxic. When is your relationship crossing the line? Is it a slight disagreement or insults thrown your way when both are you are angry? Love often times blinds us and we become unaware of the line between love and obsession. A healthy relationship is respecting each other and their space. We don’t constantly need to be with our partners because it could cause problems. A lot of people throw out the phrase, “I trust you but not them.” But when we say that, do we actually mean it? If one truly trusts their partner, he or she wouldn’t say that. Trust implies you have confidence in a person’s ability to be on their own. Possessiveness is unhealthy because controlling where you go, who you hang out with, and need a say in all of your decisions is not okay.

Here are some examples of a toxic relationship:

  • Insults- He/she calls you fat, ugly, and no one likes you
  • Power and control- they lack respect for you and see you less than equal
  • Possessiveness- They control where you go, who you are with, they are needy and clingy.
  • Jealous accusations- “Why were you talking to him/her? You like them don’t you?”
  • Yelling, pushing, hitting, and humiliation.
  • If you are a friend, speak up. Do not confront or post about the abuser, it could make it worse. If you or anyone you know is experiencing a violent relationship, call the Family Violence Prevention line at 1-800-698-1247.
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Zoe Berisford, Student Staffer

I'm a senior at John Marshall. Some of the things I like to do in my spare time are reading, writing, and drawing. My favorite pieces of written works...

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