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What Is the School Newspaper?

Penny Gemenksy, Student Staffer

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The school newspaper is a group of kids or adults who write articles every week. The articles can be as long or short as they want. They can write about anything that is school appropriate. They can write about the Girls’ Soccer Teams first win of the year. Or the Boys’ Football Teams last game. It also doesn’t have to be school related. You can write about Study Tip’s or Halloween Ideas. You can also setup an online pole and have people vote, you get to choose what they can vote on. Some ideas are what are the best scary movies of 2017? Or which one is your favorite after school snack? The school newspaper is a variety of things, it’s about anything almost. It’s not just about the sports teams. You could write about how homecoming went, like did it turn out the way you wanted it to?

Being on the newspaper may sound easy but it’s actually not at times. Let’s say its Monday and you have to have an article in by Friday. Some people it takes a class period to think about what to write, at least get a base to it. Then Tuesday you gather your information, details, all the stuff you’ll need to write. When Wednesday comes around you start your rough draft. Once your rough draft is done you turn it in to get it spell checked and fix anything that needed fix. By Friday you should be ready to put it up on the website or print it out. There are multiply steps to writing an article, but sometimes you can intertwine them to make the process go faster.

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