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What does it mean to be a Monarch?

Zoe Berisford, Student Staffer

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One of the first things, a lot of freshman notice when they walk into this school is how big it is. It’s almost daunting. When I was a freshman, which was about 4 years ago, I used to get lost. I used to roam the halls and at times you would have to find the room you needed to be in, or most likely, you would find a fellow freshman. Both of you would bound over finding your class together. It’s how I made a lot of my friends.

A lot of about this school has changed. Freshman no longer have to worry about getting lost, or not having friends; but one thing has been consistent: The attitude we hold when we walk these halls. The way the student section is packed at Friday night football games. How each of us, leave with something once we graduate.

When I was freshman, I thought that school spirit was pretty lame. I hadn’t been going here that long and I found it difficult to make connections with people outside my friend group. Flash forward to my senior year, and I participate in all spirit related events I can and I display our colors proudly. I find it important to show pride in your school. It’s what makes being a monarch so great. Being a monarch is a lot more than school spirit.

The pride you feel stems out like branches. It grows and soon it’s rooted into you. Being a monarch is:

M- Making memories

O- Only being yourself

N- Never Giving up

A- Always having fun

R-    Raising Above and Going on

C-   Challenging Yourself

H-  Having Courage

If you make memories, you’ll have something to remember. Only being yourself because we are all great as individuals. Never give up on anything because if you are passionate, you can achieve anything. Always have fun because being unhappy is a waste of time. Rise above the drama and move on from the things you cannot change. Challenge yourself to better yourself and finally, have the courage to make the things you want yours. This is what it means to be a monarch

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Zoe Berisford, Student Staffer

I'm a senior at John Marshall. Some of the things I like to do in my spare time are reading, writing, and drawing. My favorite pieces of written works...

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